You'll be able to gain more followers on social media by following these tips.

Tips for Getting Instagram and Twitter Followers

If you have been trying without success to get more followers on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, you’re probably frustrated and ready to give up. But it’s not that difficult to get more followers on social media. You just have to understand how these platforms work and how to approach your posts. Getting more followers can have big benefits. Not only can you increase recognition of your personal brand, you can also leverage your social media following into brand sponsorships and other income. So here are a few expert tips from social media managers on how to get more followers on sites like Twitter and Instagram:

Post Often

There is just no way around it. The more active you are on social media, the more followers you’ll have. That doesn’t mean that you have to post around the clock, though. You can schedule posts by using a social media management app, such as Hootsuite. This way, you’ll be posting at regular intervals throughout the day. Your posts will be able to reach a lot of potential followers who are online at different times. Scheduling your posts is a smart way to make sure that people will see them.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags may seem like a pain, but they work. They are the absolute best way to get followers on social media who are interested in your hobbies. Research shows that on Instagram, you should be using an average of 20 hashtags per post in order to attract the most new followers. It might seem like a lot, but it’s not too difficult. Just make a list of all the hashtags that you want to use on your posts and save them in a document. Then, when you make an Instagram posts, you can cut and paste the list into your post so you don’t have to individually type each hashtag. On the other hand, when you’re posting on Twitter, you should be using at least four hashtags.

Follow People

Many people will follow you just because you followed them first. If you’re trying to build a dynamic social media presence, you can’t just expect people to follow you out of the blue. Follow as many people as you can find who share your passions. Crowdfire is an app that can easily let you search for users to follow. In addition, social media apps will filter out people who have unfollowed you, or people that you have followed before, so you’re not wasting your time.

Don’t Spam

Let social media help you connect with your followers.
The purpose of social media is to build relationships with your followers.

The number one reason why people decide to unfollow other users is because they don’t post anything but spam. Spam posts promote products or services that you’re trying to sell. In general, you should only post one sales-related post for every ten posts you make. On average, the other nine posts should be fun or useful content. It’s fine to promote your brand, but just make sure you don’t do it too often. No one wants their social media feed to be full of promotional posts hawking goods or services all the time. That’s because social media is really about building relationships, not just making a sales pitch.

Keep Posts Interesting

Post photos and videos of your hobbies and passions. Post articles with great information about how to do something. Interesting and fun content will definitely attract followers.