Tips For Dealing With Bullying On Social Media

Children aren’t the only ones that have to deal with bullying on social media. Even worse, children don’t always tell you when they’re being bullied.  The best way to find out whether or not your children have become the target of cyber bullying is to install cell phone monitoring software on their phones. Adults can face online bullying too. From friends, from co-workers, and even sometimes from strangers. Even though adults are better equipped than kids to deal with social media bullying, it’s never fun. And in some situations, it can be scary or downright dangerous. People can end up facing bullying from a random post or comment that someone else takes offense to. Even if you’re not trying to be offensive you may end up being a target. So here are some ways to deal with online bullying if it happens to you:

Don’t Feed The Trolls

Some people are just negative and love to argue online. They will post inflammatory or insulting things and attack people just for the fun of it. But online bullying can have serious consequences. People have lost their jobs or faced other real world problems due to social media bullying. One way to try and avoid bullying online is to not engage with people that are always angry or offensive online. When someone sends you a message that is angry or insulting, or they make an angry or insulting comment directed at you the best thing to do is ignore them. Block them, ignore them, and don’t respond to them in any way. They’re trying to make you angry and get you to comment back. So if you refuse to engage with them they will hopefully go away.

Report Them

You could always prevent social media bullying with cell phone monitoring software
You can prevent social media bullying with cell phone monitoring software

If you try ignoring them and blocking them and that doesn’t work report them to the social media platform that you’re using. Facebook and Twitter are pretty good about responding to harassment from other users. File a report and then block the person and let the customer service team of the social media platform deal with them. This may make the person even angrier. You may end up getting attacked again if the person creates a dummy account. Another way to ensure that your children are safe from online bullying is to use cell phone monitoring software.

Document Everything

Take screen shots of everything that the bully says to you or messages to you. Keep screenshots that show the date and the time of the comments as well as the person’s screen name. If you need to take more drastic action you’ll have to establish a pattern of harassment and abuse and screen shots will help with that. The person may delete their posts later on to avoid any kind of punishment but if you have screen shots it will show that they did actually make harassing or threatening comments. If they send you emails or private messages keep the messages and takes screen shots of those as well.

Check Your Privacy Settings

Make sure that your information is set to be available to friends only. This may mean locking down your tweets or checking your Facebook profile. Make sure that important information like where you live, your email address, and where you work are not able to be seen by the general public. Check the privacy settings for all your photos as well and make sure that the photos you have posted are not visible to anyone except your friends. This will prevent people from stealing your photos online and using them to harass you or embarrass you online.

Let People Know What’s Going On

There’s safety in numbers. Tell your friends and family members that you are getting bullied online and show them your documentation. With cell phone monitoring software, you can take screen shots of the cyber bullying in real time. They can watch out for the bully and keep tabs on him or her. You might want to let your work know as well so that if they start to receive complaints about you they will know it’s coming from a bully.

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