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The Phenomenon of Social Media

In the ’90s, the technology phenomenon was the computer. Then the 2000s gave the world a more sophisticated computer, and a more capable internet. This lead to the creation of the iPhone in 2010, and the phenomenon of social media. While social media sites have existed in the past, its popularity and effectiveness have changed in recent years, so has the way that people use it. Some even use it to spy on text messages

Today, billions of people log on to social media every day. Over a billion users have Facebook accounts, and a similar number of users have Instagram accounts. However, Instagram is quickly becoming more popular than Facebook. With this rampant use of social media, some people are curious about how its effects. 

facebook app smart phone
The social media app Facebook on a smartphone

Studying Social Media

At White Label Agency we have found that social media can be difficult to evaluate as it is an ever-changing entity. First, Myspace was created and nearly everyone had an account. Eventually, MySpace became irrelevant and people began creating Facebook accounts. Facebook was competing with the community of Instagram followers, so they bought the company. These social media sites are growing so quickly that studying them becomes challenging. 

Pop Culture and Social Media 

The British show “Black Mirror” on Netflix depicts the effects of social media on society. In the third season, the show displays how social media is driving our lives instead of us driving it. Human relationships and communications are becoming overwhelmingly based on social media followers and likes. In this digital age, our phones rule our lives.

While social media can be exciting, there are downsides with its use. At the end of the day, social media is a facade highlighting the better aspects of a person. In addition, many people are paying for followers which gives an unfair advantage.

Paying for Followers

While this behavior is not encouraged on Instagram, it does occur. Various websites on that market allow users to have more followers, with a purchase. The pursuit of many followers and likes is the focus of Instagram, even though it was created to help connect with others. 


Ultimately, social media is all about comparison. Does this person have more followers or likes than you? Something you immediately notice when on their page. Even if they are paying for followers how would you know? The phenomenon of social media continues to grow even with these concerns.