A text spy app is a good way to keep track of Instagram posts.

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Instagram

There are tons and tons of people on Instagram. As a matter of fact, Statista reported that as of December 2016, Instagram had as many as 600 million monthly active users. In comparison, the world’s population is estimated at 7.125 billion – that means a good percentage of us regularly upload photos to Instagram. Because it’s so popular, parents are naturally concerned about the nature of the photos their children post. Many of them may turn to a text spy app to learn about their teen’s online activity. If you want to explore Instagram and learn how to use it, you should learn the etiquette that its users, consciously or unconsciously, have adopted.

The Unspoken Rules of Instagram

Do Follow People You Know

One of the “shoulds” of Instagram is that people should feel free to follow people they know. There is an option to follow everyone you’re friends with on Facebook. Chances are, you aren’t close friends with many of the people you’re friends with on Facebook. It’s normal to be concerned that they might think it’s strange if you randomly follow them on Instagram. But, you should follow whoever’s posts you’re interested in seeing.

Don’t Be Offended if People Don’t Follow Back

One thing that many people are tempted to do is become offended if someone doesn’t follow them back, especially if they know the person. The best advice I can give is to not take it personally. Many people are quite selective of who they follow, and they might not have seen you follow them, anyway. If their profile is private and they approved your follow request, then you know they saw you. But even then, try not to get offended. Just because they might not follow you back, doesn’t mean they hate you or that you post bad content.

Don’t Unfollow People You’ve Followed

Many people will unfollow people who haven’t followed them back; in addition to text spy and security apps, there are even apps devoted to doing this on Instagram. But it’s pretty insincere to unfollow anyone who didn’t follow you back. Take the last suggestion to heart. Don’t let your negative emotions take over and unfollow every single person who didn’t follow you.

Don’t Mass Follow People

Do not, I repeat, do not mass follow people. This is one of the quickest ways to gain more followers, but to the majority of Instagram users, it’s painfully obvious when someone is following them just to get a quick follow back. Don’t be one of those guys.

Don’t Post Inappropriate Comments

This one should go without saying, but it doesn’t, unfortunately. The most important unspoken rule of Instagram is to not post inappropriate comments on people’s posts. Whether it’s someone you know in real life or not, everyone can view the comments on a photo. And, if parents are using a text spy app to see what their child is posting, they’ll end up reading those offensive comments too. It’s better just to be respectful whenever you post a comment.

Don’t Constantly Post Old Photos

Don't bore your followers with old photos.
Your followers may become bored if you only post old photos.

I have a friend who thinks every day is Throwback Thursday. That’s because every day, he posts pictures of his trip to Europe three years ago. Remember, it’s called “Insta”gram for a reason. Constantly posting old photos defeats the point.

Apparently, there were more don’t’s than do’s on this list. But for every don’t, the opposite is the do. So go forth and prosper on Instagram. Post new photos, follow your friends, and have a great time. If you want to learn more about the proper etiquette on other social networks, be sure to read my previous article on Snapchat.