Increase Facebook Engagement in 10 Simple Ways

Have you been trying to figure out how to make engaging Facebook posts, earn more likes, and increase post shares? You must be wondering if there’s any way for you to keep your numbers up and running. If your brand is currently struggling on a downward spiral, then here are some tips that might be able to help you out. Check it out!

  1. Schedule your posts

Once you figure out when is the perfect time that your audience is going to be present on Facebook, you can manage the scheduling of your posts at these hours as well. Remember, you have to be visible to your target market.

  1. Share constructive content

You probably have your own niche. Use your niche to create valuable content on your Facebook page. Your followers expect something from you out of your own forte. You have to level with their expectations in order to get their attention.

  1. Learn for your previous actions

Don’t do the same mistake twice. Keep track of your post performances and take note of the steps that kept your engagement high. This is going to be one of the wisest strategies that will rise up your visibility.

  1. Visuals are important

In this kind of platform, your visuals are just as powerful as the word content of your posts. You have to be creative. Keep your visuals within your niche but don’t be afraid to be playful. Challenge yourself to create captivating images and videos.

  1. Engage with your audience

Your audience is the reason why you’re motivated to create an engaging page. Ask them compelling questions. React to their comments and share a piece of your mind.

  1. Be concise

Always consider your post length. Try to limit your content into a considerable length to make them come back and crave for more.

  1. Use other platforms that will lead audiences to your Facebook page

If you have a webpage or other social media platforms, don’t think twice to link them together. Some of your audience from those platforms might also be interested to follow you.

  1. Join Facebook groups

A Facebook group is a great place for collaborations. This is where you can meet other page holders with related contents and interests. You can even join as many groups as you want.

  1. Connect with other Facebook pages

Reach out to other page holders from your  Facebook groups. You can support each other by participating in reciprocating activities to drive traffic to your Facebook pages.

  1. Never Hide

Show your audience the person behind that page. You are the reason why they’re following your page. Your audience needs to know the person who creates those Facebook posts which they surely love and will continue to admire.

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