How Warehouse Businesses Can Use Spying Software for Cell Phones to Boost Productivity

Businesses across several industries have already started investing in e-commerce and smart warehousing solutions to fuel the continuation of double-digit percentage of growth, which has many of their bosses asking how to use cell phone monitoring software to boost productivity and also if can you spy on a phone without access to it. The shift from office workstations to smart phones has not only made warehousing a mobile office but also very efficient as well.

Adoption of the digital warehouse model will see its biggest growth between 2017 to 2023, as projected by statistics. Real-time management of warehouse inventory is expected to rise from 41% to almost 95%, same with interconnectivity between offices and data gathering (monitoring). Warehouse mobility, machine learning, analytics, and people-technology connectivity are all expected to grow up to 80%. This is where mobile apps can help with digital warehouse solutions. Here’s how.

Increases Productivity and Efficiency.

The shift from office workstations, with its heavy desktop computers and other paraphernalia, to mobile devices is a huge step forward for efficiency in the warehouse. Employees can now perform and complete tasks without going back to their stations, eliminating the importance of being at a workstation to do tasks.

Plus, with the size of warehouses set to increase by more than 30% in the next few years, getting a mobile device for a warehouse employee will only lead to greater productivity. They will not waste their time walking or trying to find an item in a virtual sea of items. Also, it will allow managers to communicate with employees anytime, anywhere, and can dispatch workers which are better prepared in less time than before.

It Makes Managing People Easier and More Effective.

Mobile phone monitoring apps can help employers or their human resource department to track the location, and inquire about the expertise or work history of warehouse workers. Also, some data can be made available to certain apps if it is legal or appropriate to do so. Having access to this information makes it easy for the manager assigning tasks to be completed for the day.

Optimizing The Use of Assets.

Tracking where the employee is at any given time can increase the efficiency of the warehouse. If there is a need for a forklift on a particular section, the manager will just have to determine the forklift driver nearest to an available forklift that would have the quickest response time to the issue. They can also use the information to decide if they should pull a worker out of a task to be put into another task.

It is not only warehouses that can benefit from the use of smart phones and other mobile devices in conjunction with cell phone monitoring apps. Other businesses like couriers, companies with e-commerce, cleaning services and companies that have mobile employees can make good use of powerful monitoring apps like Highster Mobile and Auto Forward Spy. Want to know more about these and other top monitoring apps in the market? Come and visit our website right now!