You can use a tablet or a laptop to do a cell phone lookup.

Choosing Between a Laptop or a Tablet

Buying a mobile computer isn’t as simple today as it was 5 years ago. Today, there are tablets that essentially market themselves as laptops. That means you can do everything, from writing papers to utilizing a cell phone lookup service, on them. While it can be convenient to have a laptop with a touchscreen, it’s not always that simple. There are a lot of pro’s and con’s for mobile devices that function like both a tablet and a laptop.

Microsoft burst onto the scene with their “Surface” model, which looks like a tablet but has a foldout keyboard. People have become so accustomed to touchscreens, and Microsoft knew that they would be thrilled with the idea of merging a tablet and a laptop together. Other companies like Apple have followed suit. Today, there are lots of different laptop/tablet combos that you can purchase online or in an electronics store.

When you’re choosing between a traditional laptop and a tablet device, there are many things to consider.

Deciding on a Tablet or a Laptop

Keyboard Comfortability

One of the biggest differences I’ve seen between my Surface 3 and my MacBook Pro is how comfortable the keyboard is to type on. The keyboard on my Surface is thin and the keys are very small, so there’s hardly any give when I type on them. It’s good when I need to just do a quick cell phone lookup or write a few emails. However, typing for long periods of time on the tablet’s keyboard makes my hands hurt after a while.

The solution to this problem for most tablet laptops is a Bluetooth ergonomic keyboard. They’re a bit pricey, but alleviate the pain that comes along with typing on a keyboard that isn’t made to be used for long periods of time. By purchasing one, I fixed the problem I was having with typing on my Surface 3, and it’s working great.


Laptops have been replaced by mobile devices.
For many people, mobile devices have replaced laptops.

Compared to a true laptop, people can enjoy extra mobility with a tablet hybrid. These devices are both smaller and lighter, so you can transport them easily in a backpack or even under your arm. That means you can look up anything on the internet, including a cell phone lookup, while you’re on the go. While there are lighter laptops now, it’s difficult for a laptop to be as light as a tablet with a detachable keyboard.

Disc Drives

While just about anything can be downloaded from the internet these days, it’s still nice to put a DVD or CD into your laptop to watch a movie or install a program. Some laptops have started removing the disc drive entirely, forcing the user to purchase one that can be plugged in. Meanwhile, other laptops still come with a disc drive. One major downside of a tablet is that it isn’t going to come with a built-in disc drive.

CPU Speed, Memory, and Hard Drive Storage

A laptop’s overall specs are going to be much better than those of a tablet, unless you want to spend more for a powerful one. The newest tablets are competitive as far as the CPU goes, but their main selling point is their mobility. For a true mobile workstation that can handle just about anything, it’s still best to go with a laptop.