About Me

Morris Lombardo

Morris Lombardo works as an online security agent.
Morris Lombardo, performing his job as an online security agent.

Hello! My name is Morris Lombardo, and I’m the man behind White Label Agency. I am 35 years old and am an active volunteer in my community. I’ve been working as an online security agent for a tech company in North Carolina for the past 4 years. In this short time, I learned a wealth of knowledge about Internet security and safety, as well as what people can do in their everyday lives to protect themselves.

My Passion for Internet Safety

I think it’s crucial that everyone, regardless of age, learns about the importance of Internet safety. When the Internet was first established, I don’t think anyone truly understood its full potential. The past few decades have been quite a learning experience for industry professionals and the average Internet user. Because the Internet offers access to almost any kind of information imaginable, its users need to comprehend its dangers. I’ve seen countless cyberthreats firsthand and have worked overtime to protect my company’s digital assets. I think everyone should be aware of them so they can protect their own information.

Other Dangers on the Internet

Besides malware, viruses, and other cyberthreats, the Internet has many other dangers. It can give people the power of anonymity, the ability to get in contact with nearly anyone, and more. Children and teenagers should be aware of these risks and refrain from talking with strangers on the Internet. These strangers can take advantage of kids and possibly even steal their personal information. Even worse, they could attempt to seek them out in person and stalk them. In addition, parents need to keep an eye on their kids and make sure they’re only visiting age-appropriate websites. Because the Internet is such a helpful, worthwhile tool, children should be taught to use it responsibly.